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The Latest Progress Of Five Domestic Fuel Cell Air Compressors
- Mar 14, 2019 -

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With the continuous development of the fuel cell automobile industry, air compressors, one of its core components, have gradually become a research hotspot.

Recently, Hanzhong Precision Machinery revealed that it has developed air compressor products for the fuel cell industry.

Coincidentally, Snowman shares also replied to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on February 21, and revealed that the company has planned to set up a production line for air compressors and hydrogen circulation pumps for hydrogen fuel cells in China. It has been to Yutong Bus, Dongfeng Motor and Jinhua Young Man. Twenty-one vehicle and engine companies, including automobiles and Wuhan Taige Hydrogen Vehicles, provide air compressors that can match the core components of new energy vehicles.

When these two news came out, they immediately caused concern. Some people asked: Does this mean that the fuel cell air compressor has been localized?

In this regard, the industry analysts believe that the fuel cell proton exchange membrane to have good working characteristics, the gas supply system to the fuel cell stack of compressed air is absolutely clean, which is very high technical requirements for air compressors. If there is no perseverance in research and development and a large amount of capital investment, the localization of fuel cell air compressors is extremely difficult.

According to the survey, in recent years, with the promotion of national industrial policies and subsidies, more and more enterprises in China have invested in the research and development of fuel cell air compressors and achieved certain results. This paper combs the enterprises that play an important role in accelerating the localization of air compressors.

Snowman shares

The company was established in 2000. The company mainly arranges and masters the core technology of hydrogen fuel cell air compressors through mergers and acquisitions.

In August 2015, Snowman shares subscribed for 5% of the US CN company for US$4 million. Participating in the US CN company introduced fuel cell turbo air compressor technology to realize diversified development of fuel cell air circulation system technology. In October of the same year, the company acquired a 100% stake in SRM and OES, the core subsidiaries of OPCON, the originator of the compressor. With SRM and OES having the first-mover advantage of the core technology and brand of fuel cell air circulation system, the company has accelerated its technology research and development and industrial layout in the field of hydrogen energy.

In July 2016, Snowman invested 100 million to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Snowman Hydrogen Energy Technology. The main business of the subsidiary is: hydrogen fuel cell air circulation system and its various components, hydrogen fuel cell power system, hydrogen production and hydrogen storage. Hydrogenation and hydrogen energy related power and energy storage systems.

In April 2017, Snowman acquired the global “biggest” of hydrogen and fuel cell industry – Canada Hydrogenics not more than 17.6% of the shares, further layout of the fuel cell industry chain.

In August 2018, the snowman's 1.5 billion new energy industrial park project was settled in Xinxiang, Henan Province. The project plans to invest in the construction of a new energy equipment manufacturing industrial park in the high-tech zone for industrial production. The products include fuel cell air supply system (air compressor) and hydrogen. Circulatory system (hydrogen pump) and smart energy equipment (heat pump, etc.). After the base is put into production, it will supply air supply systems and hydrogen circulation systems for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles including Toyota, Honda and Mercedes.

Industry analysts believe that the large investment in the snowman shares is to occupy the technical advantages of hydrogen fuel cell air compressors, and at the same time prepare sufficient capacity for the rapidly expanding hydrogen fuel cell air machine market.

“At present, the life of hydrogen fuel cells produced by domestic technology is generally only about 2,000 hours, and the efficiency is only 40%. The newly developed battery life of Snowman has exceeded 10,000 hours. In terms of the core components of hydrogen fuel cells, the company independently developed Oil-free air compressors can greatly improve battery efficiency.” Ye Xianwei, deputy general manager of Snowman Co., Ltd. said that the hydrogen fuel cells developed by the company have reached the international leading level, mainly due to the introduction of international technology and the core technology of air compressors.

Guangshun New Energy

Guangshun New Energy was established in 2010. At present, the company has developed more than 10 cores for hydrogen fuel cell power plants, such as hydrogen compressors, humidification pumps, hydrogen circulation pumps, jet pumps, fuel cell heaters, and electric heaters. Parts.

In the survey activity, Wu Yonghui, deputy general manager, told Gaogong Hydropower that “the centrifugal air compressor needs to reach 150,000 times/min. To achieve such a high speed, the motor, control and transmission system are all The harsh test. The company spent 7-8 years doing research, and began to sell engineering prototypes in 2015, but life and practicality still need to be improved."

To this end, Guangshun New Energy spent another two years to install the air compressor on the passenger car to do various road conditions test to verify the reliability and durability of the air compressor. At that time, the vehicle went to Hainan to do a high salt spray test, went to Qinghai to do high altitude test, went to Turpan in Xinjiang to do high temperature test, and went to Mohe to do low temperature test. The most difficult road conditions in China were basically completed.

After the test was passed, until 2017, Guangshun New Energy began to officially sell air compressor products. At present, in the field of commercial vehicles, the company's products are supplied to SAIC Roewe, SAIC Shenwo, SAIC Datong, Remodeling, Yihuatong, Shanghua Power, Wuhan Taige, Fuersai, Hydrogen, Henan Hydrogen, Shanghai, In the passenger vehicle field, the company is the only air compressor supplier in China that can support passenger cars.

Hanzhong Seiki

Hanzhong Seiki was founded on April 29, 1994. As a leading domestic compressor company, it is currently planning to cut into the reactor air compressor and hydrogen circulation device. Hanzhong Seiki said that the company's development of vortex products is mainly in cooperation with well-known vortex research units at home and abroad to develop high-precision, high-reliability scroll processing methods and manufacturing processes to ensure compressor performance and quality. On the basis of this, further expansion of other application areas, such as fuel cell gas supply system, hydrogen recovery pump and other directions.

In January 2019, Hanzhong Seiki revealed that the company has developed air compressor products for the fuel cell industry, and is currently actively cooperating with the downstream and is in the testing stage.

Birken Energy Saving

Founded in March 2005, Birken Energy has accumulated more than ten years of experience in product development for fuel cell hydrogen supply systems. In 2017, the company was recognized by the Beijing Development and Reform Commission as “Fuel Cell Hydrogen Supply System and Air Compressor Beijing Engineering Laboratory”. In July 2018, Birken Energy demonstrated its fuel cell air compressor products.

The product features single-stage centrifugal compressor, adjustable speed high-speed DC permanent magnet brushless motor, foil air bearing, compact structure, high efficiency and oil-free, CAN bus control, maximum speed of 100,000 rpm, pump head pressure ratio 2 Above, the air compressor head efficiency reaches 75%, providing full purity oxygen for the entire fuel cell system to fully burn hydrogen.

It is reported that the air compressor prototype of the hydrogen supply system developed by Birken Energy has been successfully loaded and commissioned. The next step is to start research and development of bottle valves, hydrogen storage bottles and hydrogen refueling equipment, and gradually realize the full localization of hydrogen fuel cells.

Jintongling Hydrogen Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Jintongling Hydrogen Energy Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Jintongling Hydrogen Energy) was established on October 19, 2018. Its business scope includes research and development, production and sales of hydrogen fuel cell compressors and hydrogen energy backup emergency power sources. Shortly after its establishment, the company signed the "Framework Agreement on Cooperation in Hydrogen Energy Industry Investment Projects" with the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Rugao City, Jiangsu Province.

According to the agreement, Jintongling Hydrogen will invest 450 million yuan in the construction of five major hydrogen energy projects in the park, including the construction of fuel cell air compressors and hydrogen energy backup power supply R & D and manufacturing base. The person in charge of the company stated that “the project must be guaranteed to start construction this year, and in 2022, the project will be put into production.”