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Air Compressors Also Need A Good HOME
- Mar 15, 2019 -

After the air compressor has been selected and purchased, it cannot be directly turned on. It must be installed and debugged before it can be put into normal use. Due to the limitations of the venue and other conditions, many air compressors are randomly placed to find a place to be installed after installation, as long as they are placed. In fact, the placement and installation of air compressors is also important. A good placement and installation position can improve the performance and life of the air compressor.


The vibration generated by the air compressor is small, so no special fixed parts are required, but the ground to be installed must be flat and the ground should be enough to withstand the weight of the compressor to prevent the air compressor from vibrating and causing noise.


If the air compressor is installed on the upper floor, anti-vibration measures shall be taken to prevent vibration from being transmitted to the downstairs or resonance may cause damage to the air compressor and the building, thus reducing safety hazards.


Due to the large amount of heat dissipated by the air compressor, both air-cooled and water-cooled models require a good ventilation environment. If the ambient temperature is too high, the compressor may experience high temperature operation or over-temperature shutdown. However, it cannot be placed in the open air. Sun exposure and rain are not conducive to the use of air compressors, reducing the service life of the machine.

Several ventilation methods are as follows:

A: The air inlet and the air outlet are placed on the outdoor wall, which is called free installation;

B: increase the exhaust fan;

C: Install the air duct to exhaust the wind outside the wall;

D: design of the air duct with the guide plate;

(If necessary, the hot air can be transported into the cold machine room to avoid the cold junction of the components when the temperature is below zero Celsius)

E: The hot air discharged from the machine is used as a warm air.

In the cold winter, you can use the hot air of the machine to increase the indoor temperature, and in the summer you can discharge the hot air outside.