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Winter How To Screw-type Air Compressor Protection
- Nov 19, 2016 -

(1) before starting the opening the side cover, observe the oil thicken or freezing phenomenon is there, if any, you must first to warm up the oil, then turn on all exhaust valve twin screw compressors, flywheel running after 2-3 laps, no load power, oil pressure gauge unit Carefully observe the pressure gauge on the pressure rises to normal (that is, 0.3-0.4mpa) if there is abnormal sound or abnormal gas, everything works, no load running after 15 minutes, close the valve, check that the control circuit is normal, that is pressure-regulating valve on the required jump, first and second pressure is normal. Everything normal, air compressor into a normal gas State. (Reason, start work, bad lubrication, it is easy to cause Ravan, cylinder, which causes a bombing).
(2) as the temperature needed to correspond to changes should be promptly replaced air compressor oil, winter 13# (new standard 100# air compressor oil), 9/7 over suggested 40CD winter oil for diesel engine air compressor, exceptionally low temperatures in some areas, you should replace the freezing point is lower than the local temperature of special oil
(3) winter downtime Hou must to note vent all gas, and sewage, and water, vent various pipeline and the gas package within of water, and gas, and oil, for winter unit work Shi, temperature compared high, a downtime Hou for outside temperature lower, air cooling Hou will has large condensation water produced, exists various control pipeline, and in the cold device and the gas package within, easy makes control pipeline, and in the cold device jam, gas package rose crack, hidden.