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Pay Attention To The Following Three Points When Using An Explosion-proof Motor
- Jul 03, 2018 -

1. The explosion-proof grade of the explosion-proof motor can meet the requirements of flammable and explosive environment. Do not choose a high level. The

2. Determine the technical indicators according to the actual use situation. The higher the η and cos φ in the technical indicators, the better, save energy, and the rest of the indicators are not entirely. For example, the motor that drives the axial flow pump and the fan, the Tst can be in the range of 0.6~0.8, and the Tm does not have to be high, and the requirement of 1.6 can be satisfied. If the buyer looses a little on these two indicators, the designer can patch the excess function from this to Ist, which is used to reduce Ist. This is very practical for a place with a small network capacity. Most of the load on the two-pole motor is a fan and a pump, and Tst is not necessary. If the manufacturer is too eager to pursue this index, the upper half of the cast aluminum rotor trough shape is designed to be narrow, which makes it unnecessary to manufacture; in the use, there are many faults caused by broken strips and thin strips.

3, the degree of protection should be selected moderately. The difference between IP54 and IP44 is mainly in the dustproof function. In order to save money, some buyers choose IP44 motors in the IP54 location to make the motor bearings prematurely damaged. Conversely, when IP44 can meet the usage requirements, it is not necessary to select P54. The latter should be equipped with a rubber seal, which is not as good as the forme