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Lubrication Characteristics Of Mobile Air Compressor
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Lubrication characteristics of mobile air compressor:

First, the characteristics of mobile air compressors are: (1) The mobile air compressor must be able to move frequently, the working conditions change, and the load changes greatly. (2) Most of the mobile air compressors are heavy, medium, or low speed drives. Most of them require frequent start-ups and often receive shock loads.

Second, according to the characteristics of the mobile air compressor, the following requirements are made on the lubricant: (1) The volume of the portable air compressor and the volume of the fuel tank are small, the amount of lubricant oil is also less, and the oil temperature during operation is relatively low. High, this requires the lubricant to have good thermal stability and oxidation resistance. (2) Because of the harsh environment in the field, coal dust, rock dust, and moisture are relatively large, the lubricant oil will inevitably be contaminated by these impurities, so it is required that the lubricating oil has better rust resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-emulsification performance;