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Air Compressor Radiator How To Clean
- Nov 19, 2016 -

First of all, we know, is divided into air cooled and water cooled screw compressor cooling two small 110-kilowatt with air-cooled screw compressor cooler, that is, we often say that the plate-fin heat exchangers. Large or special industry-use screw compressor water coolers. Generally lead to poor air-cooled cooler cooling mainly external plug, internal carbon deposits in two ways. The water cooler is different, because water cooling medium, so it has high quality requirements, after a long time, cooler water in the calcium and magnesium carbonate compounds to form scale, scale will affect the normal heat transfer of cooling, make the screw compressor intake and exhaust temperatures, resulting in high temperature fault.
In short, whether air cooler water coolers, as long as the heat is not good, will cause the air to be cooled to a predetermined temperature, directly affect production costs and even affect safe operation. Therefore, regular cleaning should be developed on a case of screw compressor cooler plans.
Air-cooled cooler as long as external flushing blocked part a can, commonly used one is removed with high pressure water gun, if inner jam must be cleared using chemical methods, with a special carbon cleaning agent to clean the screw compressor, or cleaned with diluted hydrochloric acid.